Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Review of ‘Agnes Grey’ novel written by Anne Bronte

For several people, the measure of happiness is only when they have many riches to fill all of their needed. After I read the ‘Agnes Grey’ novel that is written by Anne Bronte, the book opens my mind to learn more and build my soul to give more attention to the meaning of truly happiness. The spirit of life and the power of love are the main points that will take us to the truly happiness. And the truly happiness will happen when we feel happy to enjoy your life.

Before jumping to that conclusion, you should know that this is a wonderful novel to build your soul. Actually, the novel is about Agnes’s diary, which tells her experiences of life until she gets her truly happiness. That is the reason why I say the novel is a wonderful to build your soul. There are many kinds of Agnes’s story of life and how does she solve her problem. The novel also give you good lesson how to get a better life, how to introduce God, which is packed in the simplest way. Because of the author of the ‘Agnes Grey’ is a woman, the novel does not distinguished with the unsure of feminism. The novel also uses the religion point of view, so that I call it as a builder soul. It is amazing, because of the novel gives many good lessons for the readers especially for me. The author tries to invite the reader into the novel. She tries to give a simple example what is often occur in our reality, so that it is easier for the readers to catch what does she mean.

In the novel, the author said “The best way to enjoy your self is to do what is right and hate nobody. The end of religion is not to teach us how to die, but how to live; and the earlier you become wise and good, the more of happiness you secure”. The main point of the happiness is when we feel happy to enjoy our life. One of the ways to get it is the religion. As the author said in the novel that God is Love, so that we should fill our soul with the spirit of religion, because of the power of love, which comes from our soul that is contained of the value of religion, contain of God’s love. The result of it, can take us to get our happiness.

Religion is the part in human life, which can not distinguish from the human’s story of life. Most of parents try to teach the value of religion to their children, because they know that religion not only teach how to get a better life but also how to be a better person, who have good personality. Religion also teaches many kinds of the spirit of life. Because of this, many people, who always try to learn more about the value of religion, get more justice in their soul. If you feel justice in your soul, you get the point of happiness.

Alexa Ross, a freelance writer, writes in ezinearticles.com that “Happiness is Your NATURAL state”, she also said that “There are all sorts of amazing thing being done in the study of joy. Lots of serious scientific scholars are dedicating the full force of the intellectual intention on researching what is truly mean to be happy. And the results are truly astonishing. It has nothing to do with money, nothing to do with cars, houses or stuff, nothing to do at all with status”. It shows that the truly happiness does not always depend on the riches.

Enjoy your life..!! Is the key to get your truly happiness. To enjoy your life, you should be able to rebuild your soul with the spirit of life. When you have a spirit in your soul, it is easier for you to think more positive than the other. The power of positive thinking will take you to be a strong man, who always tries to learn more and more. It also gives you a power to lead your self and to get whatever you want. This power, which comes from your spirit, will help you to get whatever that makes you be happy. This power also gives you extra power when you feel down. When no someone appreciates with you, you have to believe that you can survive if you have a spirit in your soul that will rebuild your self anytime.

Be a better person, who always gives a lot a love anytime and anywhere. Love is a kind of expression that is showed to something that we like. What kind of activity that you do the best for you to love it. When you love your activity, you try to give the best that you have. Everything, which is done in the name of love, usually gives the best result. For example, in the ‘Agnes Grey’ novel there is a part when Miss Grey, who actually does not have experience how to look after children, always try to learn more how to be a good friendly person for children. The reason is because she tries to love her job, that’s why finally she can be a good friendly person. There is another example to proof how the power of love can make someone survive even though in the miserable. When Miss Grey lost her lovely father and her lovely sweetheart, Edward Weston, she believed that the power of love will take her to her truly happiness. Then, it is proofed, while finally she can find out her truly love, Edward Weston. As I quote her speech, “I could indeed be happy in a house full of enemies, if I had but one friend, who truly, deeply, and faithfully loved me; and if that friend were you”. It is an evidence that everything, which contains of love, will take us to be happy and to get our truly happiness.

For me my self, truly happiness is a condition while I get a value of satisfies. The measure of satisfies is when I can share my love and give my spirit to other people or other things, which can give the advantages for it. Reading the ‘Agnes Grey’ novel, give me special impression to rebuild my soul. There are many lessons that I can get. Not only has the spirit of life, but it also given me more sense to believe with the power of love. In my point of view, Agnes Grey is a strong woman representing someone, who always uses her spirit and love to survive even though in limited condition, until she gets her truly happiness.

In fact, the truly happiness depend on our own selves how can we feel happy to enjoy our life. The spirit of life and the power of love are only the ways how to get our truly happiness. Because of the measure of value of happiness is differently for each person. For several people everything that make them happy might be their truly happiness, but it might not be to other several people. Finally, the best way to get your truly happiness is you should make your life as enjoy as possible. So that, it is easier for you to get your truly happiness.

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Children of Heaven

Keterbatasan ekonomi tidak menghalangi seseorang untuk dapat meraih prestasi yang tinggi. Hal ini dibuktikan oleh Ali mandegar (diperankan oleh Amir Farrokh Hashemian ) dalam film “Children of Heaven”. Kecintaannya yang besar terhadap sang adik, Zahra, terbukti mampu mengantarkannya menjadi sosok yang sangat fenomenal, yang sangat dikenal banyak orang. Awalnya, keterbatasan ekonomi sering kali membuat orang-orang memandangnya sebelah mata. Kenyataan in menjadi berbanding terbalik setelah Ali berhasil keluar sebagai pemenang dalam perlombaan lari yang digelar antar sekolah.

Bukan suatu kebetulan yang memaksanya untuk ikut serta dalam perlombaan lari tersebut. Keikutsertaanya dalam perlombaan lari tersebut karena ia berharap dapat memenangkan hadiah sepasang sepatu untuk adiknya sebagai bentuk tanggung jawabnya karena telah menghilangkan sepatu adiknya. Hal ini seolah menjadi harga mati yang tidak bisa ditawar lagi, oleh karena itulah ketika Ali mengetahui bahwa dirinya berhasil keluar sebagi pemenang pertama, bukan perasaan senang yang ia tunjukkan, ia justru tampak begitu sedih dan merasa gagal untuk membahagiakan adiknya. Karena memang sejak awal tujuannya mengikuti perlombaan tersebut untuk mendapatkan hadiah sepasang sepatu yang merupakan hadiah untuk pemenang ketiga.

Cerita yang sarat akan pelajaran moral ini, memang dikemas cukup sederhana oleh sang sutradara. Mengangkat tema kehidupan sehari-hari masyarakat Iran membuat para penikmat film ini terasa begitu dekat dengan kejadian dalam film tersebut. Tak heran jika film yang disutradarai oleh Majid Majidi yang ditonton oleh banyak orang dari beragam latar belakang usia ini, mampu menyabet berbagai penghargaan untuk berbagai kategori.